Pemara Labels Vietnam- Christmas Decoration Contest

Pemara Labels Vietnam proudly hosted our second Christmas Decorating Contest in December!  The contest is to decorate their teams designated areas with imagination, team work, and recycled waste from our process in order to capture the “Spirit of Christmas.”  With the aim of creating an opportunity for all employees to be creative, connect all the members within their department and build a dynamic and united working environment.

There were 7 teams to decorate our factory and in the end the Department heads voted on each team’s presentation, creativity, use of materials, and the spirit of Christmas.  Listed below are our results: 

• QA & QC team : First prize

• Finance & HR Team, Prepress and Planning team: Second prize

• Maintenance team, Production B team: Third prize

• Sales team, Production A team; Fourth prize

Members of each team were required to contribute their idea’s & share and work together to decorate using simple materials from the factory that would either be waste or recycled, and given a small allowance to purchase some prepared lights or ornaments and in two weeks decorate their area.  A great time was had by all with the camaraderie, competition, and bringing our team closer together to celebrate the Christmas Season!