The Customer Academy has become an integral part of daily life at Constantia, simply because the best ideas often come about during lively and open discussions.

It was held not once but twice last April: Under the motto “Customer Academy goes East” in Bad Erlach near the Constantia Patz site and at AstraZeneca in Södertälje, Sweden. The Customer Academy was held for the second time at AstraZeneca, once again bringing together almost 60 employees from many different areas, such as Packaging Development, Global Operations Procurement and Production. “All participants agreed that the Academy was a complete success,” says Omar Abdel-Galil, Marketing & Communication Manager at Constantia. “The atmosphere was great, we were able to answer a lot of questions, and we are now planning a new Customer Academy in the United Kingdom to follow this meeting.” The resonance was no different in Bad Erlach – here, too, around 100 participants from 70 different customers and partners from Eastern Europe were very satisfied. The main focus this time was on technical content combined with a plant tour at Constantia Patz. What was especially popular during the event was the "Marketplace," where partners could display their products and services and network with the other attendees. Another hot topic was the serialization of pharmaceutical products.