Constantia Colmar L.L.C.

Who we are:
Founded in 1990, Constantia Colmar is located 20 miles north of Philadelphia, PA with over 75 employees. Constantia Colmar has been ISO certified since 2006 and is focused on the Food US Division. Constantia Colmar is Constantia Flexibles’ dedicated site for Confectionary Foil in USA, strategically located to its customers.  Constantia Colmar offers both rotogravure and flexographic printing to the market for maximum flexibility and service.  
What we do:
Printing (2 lines):
•    Roto Gravure Printing (1 meter wide 9 color Rotomec)
•    Flexo Printing (1.3 meters wide 10 color Uteco)

Slitting (5 lines):
•    3 Euromac
•    2 Deacro

Die-cutting (3 lines):
•    3 Remelli

Wax Coating

Embossing thin gauge aluminum foil

Fun Fact:

In 2015, Constantia Colmar consumed almost 3,000 tons of aluminum foil, which is what the roof over Wimbledon’s center court weighs.

92 County Line Rd
Colmar, PA 18915
T +1 215 997 6222
F +1 215 997 3967