Social Responsibility

Our sustainability policy focuses on our responsibility to the environment and to those who come after us. Sustainability is a growing science that balances current needs with those of future generations.

Our companies take comprehensive steps to support human rights and prevent child and forced labor, in line with the respective legal statutes. Group management guidelines strictly prohibit discrimination for reasons of race, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or political beliefs, and this policy is implemented as a matter of course.

We also regard being a good neighbor as a matter of importance and therefore actively seek the assumption of social responsibility at our business locations. Accordingly, all sites are expressly urged to become actively involved socially.

  • Extensive measures to protect human rights and avoid child and forced labor
  • Zero tolerance of discrimination against employees
  • Social outreach projects for disadvantaged groups in our various locations (being good neighbors)
  • An annual Social Award for outstanding achievement within the group



Social Initiatives

Every year there is the possibility to submit projects for this Social Award of Constantia Flexibles. The best projects will be presented in a traditional gala in Vienna. The high quality and large number of the projects submitted in the last years reflect the enormous commitment of the staff with regard to social engagement:


Help for Hospital and Silesian Voluntary Water Emergency Rescue in Rybnik, Constantia Colorcap, Poland: Cash donations for the hospital and the Voluntary Water Emergency Rescue to finance prizes for a competition of local water rescue teams.

Project „KANA“, Constantia Colorcap, Poland: Internships for nine young people with disabilities aged between 18 and 25 in the company. The project is carried out in partnership with the well-known NGO KANA (Catholic Centre of Youth Education).

Help for schools, kindergartens, Polish Red Cross, etc., Constantia Colorcap, Poland: Financial support for needy children to buy toys, school equipment, participation in school camps; organization of a family picnic for a kindergarten, awards for a volleyball competition, help for a young victim of a car accident.

New secondary schools Pielach valley, Constantia Teich, Austria: Financial support for children in need to enable them to take part in project weeks, skiing courses, etc. Financing of English native speakers in order to develop the children´s language skills.

Center for animal-assisted development support – Construction of agility devices for therapy dogs, Constantia Teich, Austria: Support in the assembly of agility devices for the therapy of children with disorders and handicaps with dogs. Work, takeover of material costs and donations in kind.

Constantia Teich Employee Support Service, Constantia Teich, Austria: Free counseling in private or professional problems (marriage, partner and family counseling, mediation in conflicts, personal coaching at the workplace, burn-out prevention, etc.) by an external company.

Christmas Present Appeal, Spear Europe, UK: Donations and purchase of Christmas presents for needy people in cooperation with the local Salvation Army.

Locura Rows The Atlantic, Spear Europe, UK: Sponsoring of the winning team of a rowing competition across the Atlantic to raise money for partly physically and mentally handicapped orphan children in Romania.

Juguetón - The Big Toy, Aluprint, Mexico: Collection and delivery of Christmas presents (clothing, food, toys) to children and families in poorer rural communities by campaigns of Aluprint employees. In 2013 two communities with altogether 150 families could be supported. The project has been running for 12 years, in which 19 communities were helped.

Project Gift, Constantia Blythewood, USA: Financial aid for the project „Caring Hearts for Families“. Christmas presents for families in need, purchase of apartments and furniture, food support. Supporting of projects of the American Cancer Society. High involvement of C. Blythewood employees, donations, charity golf tournament, etc. The project “Gift” has been running since 2007.

Friendly playground at the private primary school at Wrzeszcewicwe, Constantia Teich Poland: Financial support for the modernization of the school´s playground, also to promote integration of children in kindergarten and young people.

Charity Events Verstraete IML, Belgium: Organization of 3 charity events. “Run for life” (Byke race, running race, walk; participation of 88% of employees), “Link of Welfare” (Christmas market in bicycle shed), sale of Easter eggs for children with a congenital heart condition.

Koli Koli Mutluluk/ Happiness in boxes, Asaş, Turkey: Packing and truck loading of 1,250 carton boxes with food in 1 day by Asaş employees for LÖSEV, an non-profit organization for children with leukemia or chronic blood deseases.

Rubber Duckies Race, Constantia Tobepal, Spain: Participation and co-organization of a rubber duckies race on the Arlanzón river in Burgos (September 20, 2014). Tobepal bought 5,000 duckies for €1 each, which will be sold by employees for € 3, the profit will go to an organization for Alzheimer patients.

Bosnia-Herzegowina, Technical Support in flood fighting, Haendler&Natermann, Germany: Donating food and water pumps incl. transport to home towns by H&N employees plus distribution of goods, high willingness of employees to donate.

Collaborative art book of mentally disturbed people, Spear, USA + Constantia Flexibles, Austria: Joint project of Spear and CF at the Rivergate site, in which two organizations developing artistic talents of mentally disturbed people (Visionaries+Voices, Cincinnati, USA and Kulturformen Hartheim, Austria) are sponsored to jointly produce an art book. The proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support the two organizations.

Project Global – Africa & Europe, Constantia Flexibles/Rivergate, Austria: Support of the Polish NGO “Children of Madagaskar”, founded by two young women in 2011, who wanted to use their know-how in global companies for social outreach purposes. Sponsors are being sought in the entire EU region. The project aims at constructing and furnishing a school and buying a car.