Sales Meeting, Jan 2016

Back row (Left to right) Alex Marcia, Edeltraut Goeppner, Dave Patterson, Pierre Simoneau, Andre Schell, Geoff Wilson, Kai Sparbier, Mike Henry, Paul Mogojan, Oliver Apel, Marc Scherer, Xavier Castellano, Matt Davies, Tom Lustig

Second Row (Left to right)  Lars Schuetzenmeister, Daniella Schäffer, Jen Jones, Jorg Waldorf, Frank Wiener, Thomas Korber

Front Row (Left to right) Renata Poklonova, Monika Gawor, Olga MacDougall, Pei Ling Ngooi, Troy Cochran


The Labels Division Sales meeting took place in January at the Celtic Manor Resort, South Wales. The team came together to share achievements and targets. The team discussed and presented successful projects as well as prosperous new developments that are in the pipeline. We also welcomed David (Afripack) and PeiLing (Pemara) to the team.

Hewlett Packard visited the hotel on day 2 to  present an exciting demonstration of the digital press, soon to arrive in the Cwmbran plant.

We’re looking forward to the year ahead - thank you to everyone who participated.