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Liquids in a Pouch

Liquid pouches are becoming the latest trend in liquid packaging

As more and more people travel much further distances every day and the number of commuters is increasing the demand for single-serve products “on-the-go” is increasing. But how to package for example fruit puree or juices that can be easily consumed while traveling?

Bottom line is - liquids and beverages are very difficult to package. These products need packaging that can be successfully filled, transported, stored, displayed, purchased, used, and disposed of, while keeping the product’s quality.

Stand Up Pouches made by Constantia Flexibles fulfill these requirements and are an convenient and cost-effective alternative for rigid packaging. In addition to the lowest cost option, these flexible pouches contain liquid products safely, and stand up nicely on store shelves for more effective and efficient display. Last but not least: Depending on the final product & process, the material is specified to guarantee its shelf life and fulfill the requirements of the consumers.

Contact: Peter Stieböck

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