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Constantia Flexibles in the House!

PepsiCo invited Constantia Flexibles to a multi-supplier packaging conference in Warsaw to present innovative and clever flexible packaging solutions.


Several global and regional packaging suppliers of PepsiCo had been selected and invited to Warsaw in Poland to attend the “EER Packaging Conference” on September 27. The main purpose was to develop and present clever packaging solutions for selected PepsiCo products in front of the Marketing, Procurement, Product Development, Packaging and Commercial staff from PepsiCo Europe KA. The geographical scope of this event was embracing both west and central-east Europe.

“The event started with an introductory presentation where we introduced our Global Key Account Manager Team, our longstanding business relationship at global level and some innovation proposals such as Brand Protection, Effect Lacquers and Interactive Packaging”, said Enrico Vischi, Global Key Account Head for PepsiCo at Constantia Flexibles. “This was followed by a brainstorming session on a specific product of PepsiCo and how this can be linked to an upcoming event as a promotional article”.

Contact: Igor Cerri