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Enfamil and Enfagrow using Metallic IML

Mead Johnson, the producer of high-quality milk powder for babies and infants, has made the move from a can to IML packaging. Thanks to the top-quality appearance of Metallic IML labels from Verstraete IML, the packaging now boasts a premium look. Xóchitl López, Regional Brand Analyst from Mead Johnson Nutrition Mexico, explains.


Enfamil–Enfagrow is recommended by paediatricians
“By using Enfamil, our customers can give their children the best start in life. Enfamil for newborns is inspired by breast milk and especially designed to meet all of the newborn baby’s needs. It therefore contains DHA and choline, which are the most important nutrients for the brain. Furthermore, since 2010 – as the first producer in the US – we have also been making milk powder that is adapted to the child’s age: Enfagrow. This allows us to provide nutrition for young children during each development phase. Indeed Enfamil is the paediatricians’ most recommended brand. They have full confidence in our milk powder and recognise the support it provides in the child’s mental development. No wonder then that over 80% of American maternity departments choose Enfamil.”

IML packaging keeps the contents fresh for longer
In the first quarter of 2015 Mead Johnson launched the brand new IML packaging for Enfamil and Enfagrow in Peru, Mexico and Colombia. Xóchitl López:“We made this decision based on our experience in the United States and the research we carried out with mothers. Both demonstrate that our product remains fresh for longer in an IML pack: the high quality of the milk powder is kept in perfect condition. Furthermore, an IML pack is both safer to open and more convenient. Apart from that, IML packaging is also environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable. It can also be used for 4 to 5 months to store milk powder from a paper refill (the ‘bag in tub’ system).”

Verstraete IML stands out for technology and quality

For this project Mead Johnson worked with Verstraete IML and the American injection molder Berry Plastics Corporation, a pioneer in the development of efficient production processes with high quality standards. Mead Johnson recommends Verstraete IML as a partner because of their high-quality IML labels and advanced technology. “We used to work with other IML partners, but they were unable to match the quality supplied by Verstraete IML. Our Metallic IML packaging also has a unique appearance, as well as emphasising the high quality of our products, and gives them the premium look they deserve”, according to Xóchitl López.

Metallic IML for a premium product

David Sinnery (Regional Business Development Manager North America - Verstraete IML) explains how Verstraete IML provides Mead Johnson with the best quality and service in association with the injection molder Berry Plastics. “Mead Johnson was the first in the sector to choose Metallic IML in order to enhance the product’s high quality. The look & feel of Metallic IML fits the product’s brand positioning perfectly. Mead Johnson supplies a premium product, and this is also made clear to the customer thanks to the top-quality print and the Metallic IML finish. The new IML packaging gives the product the look it deserves. It also really stands out in the shop.”