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Pharma: Scanpack Sneak Preview

The Pharma Division of Scanpack has a lot of innovations in store for their visitors. Here is a little preview of what to expect!

Scanpack is the largest exhibition of its kind in Northern Europe, with something for everyone in the packaging value chain, from designers and manufacturers to subcontractors and buyers. It takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden from October 20 to 23, 2015.

 “With over 500 exhibitors and many of our valued customers and suppliers present there, Scanpack is an excellent platform to let everyone know about our latest product developments. We are looking forward to meeting as many people as possible to offer a glimpse of the future of packaging for the pharma industry” says Margaret Andersson, Account Manager at Constantia Flexibles.

Here are some of the product highlights that will be exhibited:


  • CONSTANTIA Safemax: we have developed a new deep-drawn aluminum container for pharmaceutical devices.  Known as CONSTANTIA Safemax, the innovation offers dramatic improvement over traditional packaging in protecting pharmaceutical devices against moisture ingress during global distribution.  For customers, the container’s conveniently peelable lidding foil also makes it easy to open. In addition to affording premium levels of moisture protection during distribution anywhere in the world, Safemax also meets the understandably high quality, hygiene, regulatory and product security requirements demanded by the global healthcare market.
  • TEOS: Let’s raise the curtain on another innovation from the pharmaceutical sector of Constantia Flexibles: the Tamper Evident Opening System - or TEOS for short. As is often the case at Constantia Flexibles, TEOS was developed in collaboration with the customers, for syringes with a TNF-blocker. The key feature is the tamper evident peelable cover foil that is destroyed during opening and thus provides reliable protection against illegal recycling of the packaging and in combination with other features provides excellent anti-counterfeit protection.
  • Constantia DryFoil: Constantia Flexibles has worked very hard on an alternative coldform foil that offers additional protection for each individual tablet. The Constantia DryFoil provides active vapor management to ensure both greater effectiveness and safe consumption. It also has a feature very important to the packing company: DryFoil requires no significant change to the previous packing process. Thanks to the high absorptive capacity of the desiccant used, all moisture entering into the blister via cross-diffusion at the cut edges is safely absorbed. Conditions within the pocket remain consistently dry over an extremely long period of time. The result is a longer shelf life for sensitive active ingredients. To a certain extent, DryFoil can also absorb residual moisture from the packaged products themselves.
  • CONSTANTIA Coldform Lotus: A new Coldform foil has been developed in cooperation with Constantia Flexibles and a new raw material supplier: two layers made of nylon and aluminum are laminated with a multi-sealing-layer which provides the “lotus (antistick) effect”. The benefits of the new CONSTANTIA Coldform Lotus for the customer go beyond eliminating the need to lubricate the cavity and blister foil. Cost savings and an improved packaging process also feature in the “positive column”.

The Constantia Flexibles Pharma Division Team is looking forward to meeting you at booth number E03:20!

Contact: Cora Helberg