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Total Barrier Blisters in Brazil

Constantia Flexibles Pharma Division at DPI Technology Symposium in Sao Paulo, Brazil

It was a premier for Constantia Flexibles. On July 21, 2015 we took part in the DPI (Dry Powder Inhalation) Technology Symposium in Brazil for the first time as an active supporter of the event. Thomas Schwarz, Development Engineer  at Constantia Flexibles Pharma division, had been invited to present Constantia Flexibles’ innovative portfolio for the industry and technical aspects of Coldform blisters in front of some 65 representatives of local and global pharma companies as well as of the sponsors, with an interest in dry powder inhaler (DPI) technology.

In his presentation, Schwarz presented blister concepts for DPI’s, structure and functionality of our laminates and explained the cross-permeation effect – he also underlined the services that Constantia Flexibles offers to support the research and development activities of our customers. He mainly focused on the product  CONSTANTIA Coldform and the latest innovation CONSTANTIA Dryfoil – coldforming laminate  for total barrier blisters with the highest delamination resistance and excellent deep-drawing performance. Click here for more information on CONSTANTIA Coldform.

Most other presentations held by representatives of companies like Meggle, Copley Scientific or Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH offered first-hand knowledge related to DPI technology along the complete process chain - from powder characteristics and formulations, filling technologies, capsules and devices and up to assembly and packaging.

All in all it was an excellent opportunity to network and learn more about business opportunities for the manufacturing of established drug delivery forms as well as the development of innovative product variations. At the end of the event, Schwarz said: “I had valuable discussions for Constantia Flexibles on the latest market trends and the „state of the art“ insights with regards to quality control, excipients and manufacturing technology.”

Contact: Thomas Schwarz