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“What exactly is…Safemax?”

We spoke to Cora Helberg, Marketing and Innovation Manager at Constantia Flexibles Pharma Division.


Constantia Flexibles: “Safemax” sounds interesting…what exactly are we talking about?

Cora Helberg: CONSTANTIA Safemax is a new deep-drawn aluminum container for pharmaceutical devices.  The innovation offers dramatic improvement over traditional packaging in protecting pharmaceutical devices against moisture ingress during global distribution.  For customers, the container’s conveniently peelable lidding foil also makes it easy to open.

Constantia Flexibles: How is it produced?

Cora Helberg: To produce CONSTANTIA Safemax’s deep-drawn tray, aluminum is laminated to polyprolypene and then combined with a lidding foil particularly known for its consumer peelability.  The result is exemplary seal integrity with easy opening characteristics.  Safemax also is customizable: its exact design and format can be readily tailored to ensure that the pharma device is successfully delivered to individual patients.  

Constantia Flexibles: What is so special about it?

Cora Helberg: In addition to affording premium levels of moisture protection during distribution anywhere in the world, Safemax also meets the understandably high quality, hygiene, regulatory and product security requirements demanded by the global healthcare market.

In developing the Safemax deep-drawn container for the pharma sector, engineers at Constantia Flexibles were able to draw upon the company’s wider expertise in aluminum conversion technologies for packaging applications in a variety of other industries. The result is a container that is optimized for our pharma customers as well as the end users.

Contact: Cora Helberg