Constantia Emballage France Sarl

Constantia Emballage France was created 1982. At that time it was called ‘Teich Aluminium’. Since October 1999 , our name is ‘Constantia Emballage France’ and the office is located in Versailles.

Our team is composed of 19 people: 1 Managing Director, 1 Head of Administration & Controlling & Communication, 8 Salesmen and 9 Customer service assistants. The French office is in charge of selling  all products of Constantia Flexibles.

We are  working  for customers located in France: Lactalis, Yoplait, Senoble, Danone, Mondelez, L’Oréal, Delpharm, Sanofi, Merck,  Norgine…, with many Constantia plants: Teich, Hueck Folien, Tobepal, Jeanne d’Arc, Asas, Teich Poland, Louvain, Sittingbourne, Patz, Nusser, etc.

3 B Rue Pétigny
F +33 1 77 65 63 17