Sales Office Processed Meat

Who we are

We are the Sales Office Processed Meat and Alufoil Container Systems

What we do
We are responsible for Sales, Marketing, Technical Management and Innovations for Processed Meat and Alufoil Container Systems Customer and Products

Which industries do we serve?
Mainly Petcare, Meat, Fish, Preserved Vegetables and Fruits, Preserved Ready Meals, Airlines

Our services

  • We offer material development, manufacturing and supply,
  • Shape and format service for alufoil containers, pouches and bags
  • Analytical services, food law services and sustainability analysis

Fun fact about our site
Our unofficial motto is "Nice to meat you"


Our Processed Meat Team also had some fun at the trade fair booth at the Interzoo fair in Nuremburg. The video features our innovative aluminum containers as "stars":

Mühlhofen 4