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Alufoil Containers for Beer Lovers

Flavor-capsules for beer in a pod: Fully recyclable aluminum capsule system developed together with ABInBev

A totally new application for aluminum packaging! “Capsule for beer flavor dispenser” is a clever aluminum capsule system similar to coffee capsules, containing liquid flavor syrup, specially designed for a unique beer dispensing technology. The system, which allows serving multiple drink variations from a single beer keg in pubs, is a joint development by ABInBev and Constantia Flexibles.

The fully recyclable capsule offers beer flavoring at the point of dispensing, with high barrier qualities, to avoid the scalping/degradation of sensitive and concentrated flavors in individual syrups over the whole shelf-life. A major consideration was the piercing performance of the aluminum foil lids in the new dispensing system. One beer keg, combined with several different flavors in small and convenient capsules open up an endless variety of exciting flavored beer drinks!

The aluminum capsule won the Alufoil Trophy for overall excellence this year because the judges felt it reflected a strong all-round innovative performance.

The beer capsules have been tested on the Australian market, watch this video to get a flavor of it:

According to AbInBev, The project team is currently working through all the results and learnings, to decide on the most likely future applications for the technology.

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Contact: Peter Wallach