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Alufoil Trophy: Alufoil capsule for cat milk is the purrfect pack

Cat Milk in Aluminium Portion-Packs had the judges lapping it up at this year’s Alufoil Trophy competition. The alufoil capsules, which come in four varieties, were given an award in the Marketing & Design category for 2018. Made by Constantia Flexibles for animonda petcare, the Milkies, as they are known, contain 15g of cat milk with healthy additives and are the only portion packs using an aluminium capsule/lid system for this kind of product available in Europe, the company believes.

“This is a very ‘on trend’ product,“ was the summarizing comment of the judging panel, who were all industry specialists from the aluminium foil sector. “The whole concept is very well presented and eye catching. We are sure it will appeal to pet owners and it certainly stands out on the shelf. It is a clever and original use of the capsule concept and one again expands the footprint for this kind of pack style, which is gaining far more traction than just in the coffee sector.”


“For Constantia Flexibles, this award further underlines the fruitful and result-oriented cooperation with the Petfood Packaging Team in the Heristo group. We are very proud of winning another prize with our partners saturn and animonda petcare”, says Evelin Lampel, Marketing Expert for Processed Meat products at Constantia Flexibles.

Four different varieties of Milkies are retailed in two pack styles, a ‘four pack’ sleeve or a carton containing 20 capsules. The pet snacks can be served as a topping on food or added to drinking water. The aluminium foil lid is printed in striking and appealing colours to identify each flavour, while the capsule itself is lacquered in gold to give it a very high-quality look and feel.

“Animonda’s milk snack has a leading position in the cat milk market. The aluminium foil packaging signals freshness, while the capsule offers both convenience and single serve alike. This is an example of successful value creation through a combination of new product and packaging ideas," said Udo Bilz, head of marketing at animonda petcare.

“The high quality of the contents of these milk snacks is underlined by the modern packaging. Winning this Alufoil Trophy confirms our packaging concept, which follows the basic principles of convenience," said Thomas Neumann, marketing and sales manager of saturn petcare. “Due to the different lidding films, the assortment and the trend for variety at the POS becomes clear,” he added.

Not only does the portion pack contain just the right amount of cat milk, the barrier properties of the alufoil ensure it can be kept in perfect condition over a 12-month shelf life. As well as keeping all the flavours, aromas and healthy ingredients ‘in’, the capsules are the perfect way to keep the highly developed senses of cats, who can smell something tasty at a distance, ‘out’.


Background Information:
The Alufoil Trophy is organised by the European Aluminium Foil Association. There are five categories – Consumer Convenience, Marketing + Design, Product Protection, Resource Efficiency and Technical Innovation. For the Alufoil Trophy 2018 there were ten winners.
High-resolution pictures can be downloaded and all winning entries