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“Blister Eco: It is a sustainable solution”

CFLEX Expert Interview: Stefan Frischmann is responsible for Product Management Blister Lidding, Child Resistant Blister Lidding and Contact lens Foil at Constantia Flexibles’ Pharma Division. We asked him three questions about one of the latest Pharma innovations – CONSTANTIA Blister Eco.

Constantia Flexibles: Please explain CONSTANTIA Blister Eco in three short sentences.

Stefan Frischmann: Our ‘Blister Eco’ is a lidding foil packaging for pharmaceutical products that require a lower barrier. This means that it works well for all products that do not require the protection of a standard lidding foil. And it is much lighter than a standard lidding foil – 23 percent lighter than 20 µm blister lidding foil.

Constantia Flexibles: Which products do not require protection of a standard lidding foil? Do you have some examples?

Stefan Frischmann: For example all kinds of products packed in blisters which have a high sales ratio  like chewing gum, nutraceuticals, vitamin products or cosmeceuticals. It is also suits for new pharmaceutical products and pharma products which are under cost-pressure (like generics)

The watervapor barrier of blister Eco lidding is five times better than an unformed PVC 200/PVdC 60-blisterbfilm - and it is even higher when the blister film will be thermoformed. This means that even Blister Eco lidding with its lower barrier properties than standard 20 mircron Blister lidding foil is suitable for all products packed in PVdC-coated base film.

Constantia Flexibles: How eco is “Blister Eco”?

Stefan Frischmann:
Due to the thinner aluminum layer (7 µm) the share of aluminum in the product is 40 percent compared to standard blister lidding foil with approximately 90 percent aluminum share in the product. It is a sustainable solution with renewable raw material paper and 5 g/m² heat seal lacquer instead of 7 g/m² compared to standard blister lidding foil. (Heatseal coating chemistry is identical)

Constantia Flexibles: To sum it up - what are the main advantages for the customer?

Stefan Frischmann: There are quite a few advantages. First of all, the customer can expect a lower price and a higher yield per kilo, so there are excellent cost saving opportunities here. The price advantage of Blister Eco can be up to maximum 10 percent per square meter compared to Standard Blister Lidding Foil. On top of that there is a lower influence of aluminum fluctuation on prices due to thinner aluminum layer. And last but not least a great advantage of ‘Blister Eco’ is the excellent barrier properties compared to thermoformed blister bottom film and the printability is very good.

Constantia Flexibles: Thank you very much!