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Constantia Flexibles Helps Modernize Windhoek Lager with New Label Design

Namibia Breweries Ltd (NBL) has a long history of success as one of Namibia’s leading beverage and brewery companies for several decades, winning a considerable number of gold medals at Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (DLG) Awards. 

With its Windhoek Lager, NBL called on Constantia Flexibles to help them modernize the brand to appeal to both the young professional and the more traditional consumer.  The team created a dark green bottle with striking new details – the front label includes a golden watermark that is reflected in the debossed “W” on the backside.  The clear pressure sensitive label allows for a transparency that is new in Windhoek Lager.  The deep green elements of the PS label on the neck and front highlight the premium message and, in combination with the transparency, contribute to its modern appearance.

What has not changed, however, is the quality of the beer. Sven Thieme, NBL chairman, says that it “is never easy to make the changes, but the single most important element remains constant: we will always brew our beer according to the Reinheitsgebot and it will always be crafted with the greatest care and dedication.”