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Constantia Flexibles in Spain launches “Ideas in Action“ Program

The Constantia Flexibles Team in Spain launches the first edition of their “Ideas in Action” program which is aimed at involving and encouraging interested people such as university students, students at academies or business schools but also other organizations and individuals which are looking to become involved with Constantia Tobepal to develop and grow with the organization at the Spanish sites in Burgos and Logroño.

The program, that is set up as an “idea competition” will reward successful participants with at least one new job contract, a trainee program at Constantia Tobepal and a 1.000 € reward.  

The idea behind the program is to keep it simple for the participants. All they have to do is upload an idea on the website. Of course the underlying basic pre-requisites for participating in this program are willingness to learn, positive energy, new situations management, fostering collaboration and passion for results.

“The submitted ideas can be related to products, processes, markets, consumers, customers, people, organization, solutions…or something totally different that will help broaden the scope of the program – we are very open to good ideas” said Aránzazu Salguero Cruz, Head of HR at Constantia Tobepal in Spain. Though being an initially Spanish initiative, the program should also encourage the participants to think beyond the Spanish sites and also include ideas regarding other offices, sites, facilities, R&D centers and so on within the Constantia Flexibles Group.

For the participants the program offers the opportunity to experience for example how to prepare and implement an idea or project, learn about the organization and people relations, identify personal strengths and how to utilize them in an effective way as well as open and on demand activities such as Business Plan training, Coaching, Open House Days and so on.

Find further information and get inspired on the official website of the program: