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Constantia Flexibles supports action medeor

  • Christoph Bonsmann (right) from action medeor is committed to increase drug safety on site. (© action medeor/B. Breuer)

Approximately one third of the world's population does not have sufficient access to medical care. As the “world's emergency pharmacy”, action medeor has been working for over 50 years to quickly provide hospitals and health stations in poverty-stricken regions or disaster areas with urgently needed medicines. The organization action medeor is known to its partners for the quality and safety of its drugs. action medeor is now supported by Constantia Flexibles, one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexible packaging. "In developing countries, counterfeit drugs frequently come onto the market. We want to support action medeor to further increase drug safety," says Pierre-Henri Bruchon, responsible for the Pharma Division at Constantia Flexibles. "It is unbearable that counterfeit and inferior medicines endanger the health and lives of patients."

Christoph Bonsmann, member of the board at action medeor, is pleased about Constantia Flexibles' appreciation and interest in the work of action medeor. As a pharmacist, he is responsible for expanding the local pharmaceutical sector. "action medeor has a sophisticated system for prequalifying and checking suppliers of pharmaceuticals and regularly supports its subsidiaries in Malawi and Tanzania in auditing manufacturers," says Christoph Bonsmann. "We will use Constantia Flexibles' financial support to strengthen our partner EPN (Ecomenical Pharmaceutical Network) and quality assurance, and we are also looking into how Constantia's know-how can be used locally.” This has already been discussed at an EPN conference in Kampala. The aim of the network is to improve access to medical care. Christoph Bonsmann: "Together with our partners we support this goal and are grateful for the support of Constantia Flexibles.“


action medeor


For more than 50 years, action medeor has been committed to providing sustainable and better healthcare for people in developing countries. From its headquarters in Tönisvorst (Germany) health centers in Africa, Latin America and Asia are supplied with medical aid shipments. In emergencies and disaster situations, action medeor sends relief shipments with medicines and medical supplies and equipment to the disaster area. With local partner organizations, action medeor provides for the needs-based distribution of medicines and the acute medical care of those in need. Once survival is assured, degraded health structures are rebuild. In addition, together with local partners, action medeor conducts health projects in the fields of prevention, diagnostics and therapy. By setting up and equipping health stations, action medeor creates local structures and promotes training of specialist staff and health workers. As part of its pharmaceutical advisory service, action medeor trains health workers, sets up research laboratories and supports the development of local drug manufacturing facilities. The aim is to provide local people with the knowledge they need to be able to provide pharmaceutical-medical assistance.