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Fuentealta – a brand with traditional elements

Fuentealta (Aguas de Vilaflor S.A.), a well-established mineral water brand from the Canary Islands, wanted to modernize their glass bottle decoration. The objective was to make it state-of-the-art and decorate it by the means of new technologies with an image that represents their geographic place in the world.

They chose Constantia's pressure sensitive label wash-off technology, which is applied with a new Kosme labelling machine. Creatively, both the new label material and the new design are being launched simultaneously in the Canary Islands. Fuentealta is a sustainable product as the glass bottles are returnable and the new PSL labels come off the bottle cleanly in the washer. The clean bottle can be used again straight away. Smart – and simple.

The new designs connect the brand with its origins. If you imagine the landscape, heading into Teide National Park in the second week of May and across the lava fields, you will be surprised with a flowering display of the Teide Tajinaste. They rise to as much as three meters from the volcanic ground like red fingers curling up through the earth’s crust, the spikes are ethereal and form the emblem of “El Teide Volcano”. The Tajinaste and the Teide Volcano proudly represent the island of Tenerife – and are now part of the new Fuentealta labels.


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