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Great looking Dairy Products!

Arla and Valio improve brand awareness with IML-T

As a leading international manufacturing company Coveris develops packaging for several respected brands worldwide. Two global players, Arla and Valio, have chosen a new technology that Coveris implemented: IML for thermoforming.

IML-T offers many advantages

Compared to other decoration techniques IML offers a great photographic quality. Luckily, IML has now also become possible as decoration technique for thermoforming. Coveris states that they see a clear improvement from old decoration technologies. The high quality decoration improves the brand awareness while at the same time having high output rates typical for thermoforming process. Thanks to a stronger brand positioning, Arla and Valio packagings have very good visibility on store shelves and they promote high quality products for consumers.

Dairy products require high standards

Dairy products are particularly sensitive to light and temperature changes. The influence of light triggers a chain of chemical reactions in milk. These changes can also be accompanied by an off-flavour. To prevent this from happening Coveris produces barrier thermoformed packages. IML-T offers a very nice combination of barrier packaging with the advantages of IML.

Successful collaboration

Coveris had to overcome some challenges to start up IML-T. Verstraete IML helped Coveris to find the correct label film and perfect label size.

Pekka Jokimies, Sales Director of Coveris Rigid Finland OY: “As a part of an international and innovative company we could not stay away from such an important technology as IML that gives so many advantages to the product. For this reason we did not hesitate much. Since 2012 we have successfully started the IML-T projects thanks to our partners from Verstraete IML and our equipment suppliers, who made the project possible. There are already 6 thermoformed products with IML in our range and we have indeed certain plans to grow in this direction”.


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