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Portfolio highlights and innovations: Constantia Flexibles exhibits at Scanpack 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Scandinavia’s largest trade fair for packaging opened its gates on October 20, 2015. With over 500 exhibitors from over 30 different countries, this event is one of the hot spots of the packaging industry.

Constantia Flexibles is showcasing its packaging innovations from the Food and Pharma Divisions at its booth located at E03:20 – including the recent development “ReLap”, a pouch with a convenient approach, including a fast and easy re-close, that won the German Packaging Award a few weeks ago. Find more information here.

“We have several highlights at our booth this year which we would like to share with our visitors”, says Jan Grapendal, Regional Account Manager at Constantia Flexibles. “One of them is our Comfor Lid for smoothies or coffee specialties that prevents spilling and makes it a lot easier to drink the beverage ‘on the go’. The owner of the company that produces smoothies for children tested our product on his 2- and 4-year-old children before clearing our innovation for production. We passed that test successfully!

“Then we also have our so-called Toppers,” so Grapendal, “those are fillable lids where you can include for example a plastic spoon in the lid to keep it clean until the consumer uses it – a highly hygienic solution. The special thing about these lids is the fact that they can be stacked perfectly which make them ideal for automated packaging”.

On top of that the Food Division presented CFLEX’ twist material - for example the ‘Wrapstar’ product – and materials for pouches such as ‘metalized with mat and glossy print’ which adds to the premium look of end-consumer products.

Besides the products for the food industry, Constantia is also showcasing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry such as CONSTANTIA Safemax, a new deep-drawn aluminum container for pharmaceutical devices;  TEOS - the Tamper Evident Opening System and CONSTANTIA Coldform Lotus: A new Coldform foil that has been developed in cooperation with Constantia Flexibles and a new raw material supplier. In addition to that “Blister Eco” was exhibited, that consists of tissue paper with a basis weight of 21 g/m² laminated with a 7 µm aluminum layer. This makes it significantly less expensive than the standard blister lidding foil with 20 µm of aluminum.

“It is very important for us to be a part of Scanpack in order to further build our brand – especially in the Scandinavian market. Our portfolio is growing very fast from year to year and we want to keep the industry up-to-date with our expanding product range from which our customers benefit. On top of that a lot of other big players in the packaging industry are here, too – so it is interesting in terms of exploring packaging trends of the future”, explains Margaret Andersson, Margaret Andersson, Account Manager Pharma at Constantia Flexibles.

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Contact: Heidi Gotfredsen