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Help for our Furry Friends

Our Turkish colleagues from the Asaş implemented a great Corporate Responsibility project supporting stray dogs


As one of the largest pet food packaging producers, Constantia Flexibles has a heart for our furry friends. Several colleagues from our Turkish Asaş plant who were supported by the Human Resources department now implemented a social responsibility project based on employees’ project proposals to help and support homeless street dogs near the plant.
The first part of the project was to build and provide dog shelters where the dogs could find a home after having lived in the streets for a long time. These homes were built from materials that had been provided by Asaş employees but also from from wooden boxes for example which are normally used for transporting and protecting aluminum raw materials. One supplier, Paletsan, helped with the building and transforming the materials into actual homes for stray dogs.
For the second part of the project further suppliers and customers were asked to support and they quickly donated a very big amount of dog food and therefor contributed to the good cause. “At Constantia Flexibles, our aim is to create an impact on social environment as well as in commercial market. With this perspective we wanted to implement a social responsibility project close to our plant”, said Yasin Atak, the responsible Human Resources Manager from Asaş.”We would like to thank our employees, suppliers and customers. Their contributions, especially of our large customer Lider Pet, were beyond our expectations.”
By now the dogs have settled into their new shelters and can live a happier, more protected and sheltered life: WOOF WOOF!
Contact: Yasin Atak
We would like to thank to all the people listed below who contributed to the project:
Tayfun Terzioğlu, Barış Yıldırım, Erdal Sazlık, Murat Üzen, Yasin Toksoy, Şeref Erdoğan, Atilla Bircan, Arzu Başara, Halime Özdemir, Kubilay Çam, Muharrem Atik, Yağmur Özdemir Lider Pet, Bilal Gürel, Cezmi Oral, Mustafa Çınar, Nihan Düzer, Merve Aydın’a, P. Reha Yenice, Cansu Pınar Yenice, Pınar Küser, Bengü Yılmaz, Yasin Toksoy Çiğdem Başara, Merve Mafratoğlu, Nefise Üner, Ömür Şahin, Remzi Yılmaz, Oğulcan Çelik ve Yasin Atak