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Labels: Heineken’s 2017 UEFA Champions League Campaign

Constantia Flexibles Creates Labels for Heineken’s 2017 UEFA Champions League Campaign

Heineken and UEFA Champions League have partnered for more than 10 years, fueling a strong association between the two brands among consumers.

According to Mark van Iterson, Global Heineken Design Director, special edition packaging is a critical component for activating this partnership.  The Heineken Trophy labels are the iconic symbol of the partnership connecting the two brands and inspiring UEFA fans to make the most out of watching the world’s best football by pairing it with a premium Heineken beer.

This year’s limited edition features a Heineken star embracing the trophy, with celebratory metallic enhancements.  The labels are produced sub-surface rotogravure to guarantee the highest quality silver metallic effects.  Additionally, there is a premium gloss all over the label, ensuring it meets Heineken’s high standards.

Constantia Flexibles is extremely delighted to have been entrusted with the development of the print specification in their Welsh operations, which are located a stone’s throw away from Cardiff Principality Stadium, where the 2017 final match will be played.