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Nestlé Supplier Award: Going the Extra Mile

Constantia Flexibles’ Raquel Rituerto was awarded for her tremendous support

At the Nestlé UK Supplier Award, which took place on March 16, 2017 in the British town of Brighton, the multinational company celebrated great cooperations with their suppliers who had helped them achieve their success goals in 2016. Amongst the suppliers who were awarded for their outstanding contribution was Constantia Flexibles’ Raquel Rituerto, who works as a customer service employee in the Logroño office of Constantia Tobepal in Spain. She received the special acknowledgement “Above and Beyond” for her great and constant support.

As the Nestlé awards states, Raquel has always been invaluable in managing a large volume of laminate materials for the Dalston site. The complex nature of how this material is managed from requirement, to print, delivery & then used between Dalston & Spain has at time been reduced to a matter of days, this allows us to be fully agile & reactive to requirements. As the award further states "her commitment to Constantia & to us here at Dalston is an enormous benefit - she is a trusted & reliable source of information".

The laminates that Raquel manages are largely part of a very successful Dalston site coffee project that has been carried out with Constantia Flexibles and underpins Constantia’s expertise in innovative packaging for coffee.

Contact: Richard Aust