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On the Road with Nestlé India

Constantia Flexible showcases latest product innovations at Innovation Day of Nestlé India in New Delhi.

Constantia Flexibles had the opportunity to exhibit the latest product developments for Nestlé India at their Innovation Day in New Delhi, India on March 18.


"Over the last 6 months, this is our 5th major Innovation Day with Nestlé in various global locations. On every occasion we follow a protocol of pre-briefing to provide a focused forum designed to maximize the needs of Nestlé. In turn this is providing us a greater insight into the cultures, habits and needs of the different regions we operate. Our presence was very well received and we already have commitment to work on some key projects to drive their products forward", said Richard Aust, Global Key Account Manager at Constantia Flexibles.

We spoke to Pavan Parikh, Director of Constantia Flexible’s Parikh Packaging about innovations and the future.

Constantia Flexibles:
Nestlé India invited you to join their roadshow in Delhi. What do you have to offer?

Pavan Parikh: We will be showcasing examples of our packaging innovations that we developed with Nestlé – not only here in India but also from other parts of the world. Our Indian packaging solutions include the so-called Nescafé Sunrise Sachet, as well as a variety of candy bar packaging such as for the ‘Munch’ bar. Another popular and widespread product are Maggi Noodles – which probably everyone knows.

Product examples from other parts of the world include Maggi Soup Pouches from Poland, Bouillon cubes for the Turkish and Dubai market, Stick Packs für Nestlé Marocco and ‘KitKat’ packaging for Nestlé Middle East.

The goal is to present our packaging solutions for India but also to show our whole portfolio which we have developed during the long-lasting customer relation with Nestlé. It is one of the strongest global brands that produces all over the world – and we strive to be there for them wherever they need us.

Constantia Flexibles:
…sounds like the booth will be packed with our products!

Pavan Parikh: Yes, indeed…but besides already existing products that are being sold in supermarkets and other stores worldwide, we also are showcasing our innovative printing techniques and materials. These range from biodegradable materials for packaging to holographic printing solutions that help battle counterfeiting problems.

Constantia Flexibles: India is a sub-continent with a huge potential. What is your roadmap for the future?

Pavan Parikh: Constantia Flexibles is already producing locally in India for the local market since Constantia Parikh located in Ahmedabad joined the Group a few years ago. As we project that the Indian flexible packaging market will continue to grow considerably in the next years, our goal is to grow with our customers who demand flexible packaging and also labels.

Contact: Igor Cerri