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“Packaging – Unleashed” at PlastIndia Trade Fair

Constantia Flexibles will be showcasing latest packaging innovations with a focus on film-based packaging at Plast India 2018

Under the motto “Packaging – Unleashed” Constantia Flexibles will be present with a brand new booth at one of India’s largest trade fairs from February 7 to 12 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The focus topics are “Interactive Packaging”, “Sustainability”, “Pharma” and “Innovations” – these trends will have a major impact on the Indian packaging industry in the next years to come. At the booth, Constantia Flexibles as the fourth largest flexible packaging producer in the world will show which challenges these trends pose and which solutions can already be offered today with the company’s flexible packaging portfolio.

Come by and visit us – this is what we have to offer:
Visit the two-story booth in Hall 1/B-25 to experience our expert presentations held on special days (details at the booth) and enjoy Indian “Tea & Refreshments” every day. As a special service for our customers we will be organizing Factory Tours from the trade fair to our production site nearby, where we will have material running on the machines and we will offer insights into our modern plant.

Product Exhibition – this is what you can expect:

We will be showcasing our revolutionary CONSTANTIA Interactive solutions for the Pharma and Food industries live at the booth. We will show you how you can add more WOW to your packaging by turning the packaging itself into a communication channel (more information can be found here: The CONSTANTIA Interactive solution is also one of our latest and most promising innovations.

Apart from our blister packaging for the pharmaceutical industry we will showcase our Coldform foils and different kinds of anti-counterfeiting security foil with different features that make it harder to produce fake pharmaceuticals that can do a lot of harm. We will also present our CONSTANTIA Safemax solution – a new, deep drawn aluminum container which guarantees perfect protection from moisture, for sensitive pharma devices during global distribution.

We will also show contact lens packaging along with our range of CONSTANTIA sachet solutions – different packaging foils for sachets which offer reliable product protection, excellent printability combined with high seal integrity.

Laminates that Packaging Industries manufacture are often combinations of multiple polymers and hence extremely difficult to recycle. Our target is to protect environmental sustainability through producing laminates which (do not contain aluminum foil) as well as are made out of mono polymer family. Those Laminates can be easily recycled and fit in a circular economy where in they will be used for making other plastic articles rather than going for dumping directly. Visit us to experience range of solutions developed to deliver your product a packaging solution that is sustainable

Last but not least we are showcasing our latest innovations for the packaging market with a focus on film-based packaging such as Sticker on Reel, Frangible pouch, Duo pouch, EasyPEEL, EasyTEAR, Comfor Lids and Security features for Food packaging such as different printing effects and holograms. We also will be showcasing our Duo Pouch solution for packing two products in the same bag without mixing them.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at out booth during Plast India and introducing you to our world of “People, Passion, Packaging”.