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Partner found – DB Schenker starts major campaign

The campaign including Constantia Flexibles can be seen at the Vienna airport, at train stations and on the Internet

Since yesterday, a nationwide ad campaign of DB Schenker has been under way in Austria. The posters of the campaign can be seen at the Vienna airport, at train stations and on the Internet. DB Schenker has focused the campaign on the successful collaboration with select customers, and Constantia Flexibles is one of them!

DB Schenker explains why in the ad text:

Succeeding together through passion - with the motto “People, Passion, Packaging”, Constantia Flexibles focuses on what is important to them: they work with passion for the success of their customers. This basic perspective, which is also anchored in the company philosophy and working principles of DB Schenker, leads directly to successful collaboration between the two partners.  

“DB Schenker speaks the same language and offers complete solutions along our supply chain.”
Stefan Gianotti
Group Logistics Manager, Constantia Flexibles

Constantia Flexibles grows with DB Schenker
The manufacturer of successful packaging made the jump in recent years from a leading European provider to a global company. Thanks to the existing global network of DB Schenker, Constantia Flexibles knows it has a logistics partner that already has experience in the international markets and is able to meet the rising demands.

Rely on it!
The customer Constantia Flexibles, which enjoys 10% annual profit growth, places great value on reliability. Punctuality and maintenance of the highest quality standards are especially required when supplying the food and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to individual solutions along the supply chain – from raw materials deliveries to product shipments to the customer – DB Schenker is precisely the right partner for all local and global needs.

3 questions for Stefan Gianotti, Group Logistics Manager and starring in the current Schenker campaign.

  • You are the CFLEX model for the brand-new DB Schenker campaign. The photo shooting surely was a new experience, can you tell us a bit about it?

Stefan Gianotti: We drove from Vienna to one of our largest production sites Constantia Teich in Mühlhofen very early in the morning. There we met with a communication colleague from Teich, a colleague from material logistics, the Schenker employees and the three people from the photographer team. Then we discussed the procedure of the shooting, after that the make-up was applied which was surely a new experience for me, then the shooting started. The whole thing seemed to take a very long time, we finished shortly before noon – a professional model probably would have been done within a few minutes…

  • At Constantia Flexibles you work as Group Logistics Manager…could you say a few words about that?

Stefan Gianotti: I am in charge of buying the logistics and packaging for the whole Group. In addition to that I manage procurement and supply chain projects within Group Procurement.

  • And when you are not working for Constantia or as a model – how do you like to spend your free time?


Stefan Gianotti: I play soccer once a week since many years. When I am in Southern Tyrol, my home state, I love going to the mountains, otherwise I enjoy reading a good book or embark on exciting vacation trips with my family.

More information about the current campaign can be found at:

Contact: Daniel Smith