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Plastics Recycling Innovation

Constantia Flexibles and The Coca-Cola Company receive joint recognition for plastics recycling innovation

Left: John Standish – APR Technical Director

Right: Rick Fearn – C-Flex VP R&D


Cincinnati, OH, February 3, 2016 – Constantia Flexibles and The Coca-Cola Company were recognized for one of the top five innovations in plastic recycling in 2016 by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).  Held in conjunction with the Plastics Recycling Conference, the APR Showcase highlighted their joint work incorporating SpearRC recyclable pressure sensitive labels into all Simply Beverages™ products.

“Until this partnership, our Simply Beverages™ pressure sensitive labels were difficult to remove in the recycling stream.  The Coca-Cola Company added SpearRC’s innovative label technology to our Simply brands as a part of our commitment to adopting more sustainable packaging,” said Noel Stewart, Innovation Engineering at The Coca-Cola Company.

SpearRC is a pressure sensitive film label that is designed specifically to be compatible with the PET recycling process at an affordable cost to brand owners.

The APR Showcase held on Feb 1, 2016 in New Orleans identified, highlighted, and commended the industry’s leading innovators.  “We recognize that innovation drives the growth of recycling, and is essential to the success of the plastic recycling industry,” said Kara Pochiro, APR communications Director.  “SpearRC label technology meets the strictest test result guidance and we can confirm that it is fully compatible with the PET recycling process,” said John Standish, APR Technical Director.


About SpearRC®
Made by Constantia Flexibles, SpearRC® is a pressure sensitive film label that is designed specifically to be compatible with the PET recycling process at a minimal cost to brand owners.  Pressure sensitive labels are one of the leading contaminants to the recycle stream. Recognized by the Association of Postconsumer Recyclers and the European PET Bottle Platform as compatible with the recycling process in the US and Europe, SpearRC® solves this issue while maintaining a near cost parity with standard pressure sensitive labels.  Visit to learn more.


Dan Muenzer, Vice President of Marketing, Constantia Flexibles, (513) 459-3223 or dan.muenzer(at)
Kelly Marx, Director of Marketing, Simply Orange Brand and Odwalla Innovation, (281) 302-4229 or kmarx(at)