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„The story behind a yoghurt lid!“

Some 100 students visited our plant Constantia Teich in the Austrian Mühlhofen on “Packaging Day”

June 9, 2016 was declared official “Packaging Day” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the German Packaging Institute. The special day took place for the second time this years and aims at showing the importance of packaging for food and beverages. In addition to that it should raise public awareness and show how much high-tech is hidden in seemingly unimportant things you use every day.

Constantia Flexibles supported “Packaging Day” as official partner and invited over 100 students to the plant of Constantia Teich in Austria. Here the students could visit the plant and see how packaging material is made for themselves.

The main role was played by a yoghurt lid – experts explained how much research and development went into that small part of dairy packaging. Different production samples were explained to highlight the differences and all the know-how that went towards producing the lid. In 2015 Constantia Teich produced over 13.9 billion stamped lids – together they cover about 70 million square meters, which amounts to about 10,000 soccer fields.

After the expert presentation the students were invited on a plant tour through production – to really see what they had just learned in theory.