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Video App: Brand it, Baby!

Download the “Constantia Flexibles Video App” – a digital tool to support our work and that of our customers.


The main functionality of the Video App is that it records videos which then can be used to analyze machine workflows. at customers and other business partners. The moving parts can be filmed with highest possible resolution of the built-in camera. Analysis is done with a slow motion player. The resulting videos can be shared with other users of this app.

The special feature here is that our Constantia Flexibles logo is always visible during the recording – branding the video and guaranteeing higher visibility of the Constantia Flexibles brand with our customers and other stakeholders.

The advantages of this new Video App in a nutshell:

•    Recording of videos with maximum resolution
•    Flash Light on/off for better light conditions
•    Playback of recorded videos in slow motion mode till 1/32
•    Branding of videos with Constantia Flexibles Logo
•    App for iPhones and Android Smartphones

Where can I download the Video App?

Google Play:

OR go straight to the Apple App Store and search for “CF Pack APP” with the search function. The video App will come up first, then just install.

Additional information for users:

YouTube tutorial on how to share videos on iPhones:

YouTube tutorial on how to share videos on Android phone:
https://youtu be. /_3L8dqXkaC8