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We joined whatchado!

New account introduces jobs at Constantia Teich in Austria via video interviews with employees

Whatchado is an innovative website that not only helps people who are starting their professional live but also experienced professionals find the right job for them. How? By introducing different jobs at different companies in different fields – the introduction is done via video and by the employees currently holding these jobs themselves. This is how visitors get a really realistic impression of what it would be like to join various companies.

Constantia Teich in Austria just joined this platform. All in all 24 employees from different fields were interviewed and small video clips have been produced.

How does it work? The 7 whatchado questions!
No matter which job the interview partner has – whatchado always asks the same 7 questions and thus guarantees consistency. The questions are not only aimed at the job and career but also at the private background and personal life experience.

Please click here to get to the newly established account of Constantia Flexibles…(in German language only)

Eva Mitteröcker (PR & Communications)

Julia Birner-Schuschu (Head of Human Resources)