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“We make the product stand out on a sales shelf!”

Every product needs to stand out to attract customers. We spoke to Peter Kerkhofs, who is responsible for the packaging of Home & Personal Care products at Constantia Flexibles in Spain.


Constantia Flexibles: The market for Home and Personal Care is growing. Could you name some of the typical products Constantia Flexibles produces for that segment?

Peter Kerkhofs:  The most important products which we make the packaging for are shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, facial masks, hair conditioner or laundry caps. But there are also baby wipes, sun lotion, hair dyes and dishwasher caps that are packaged with our products.

Constantia Flexibles: Why are the printing and artwork so important for those types of packaging?

Peter Kerkhofs: The artwork and printing contribute heavily to the creation of the desired brand image. It also allows the product to stand out on a shelf and can help to draw the attention onto their product – this is especially important in these days where you have a vast amount of products to choose from on the store shelf.

On top of that, the artwork also helps the brands to differentiate their product from the products offered by their competitors.

Constantia Flexibles: So the artwork/printing is used to communicate and connect with the targeted customers…

Peter Kerkhofs: Exactly. Innovative special effects can even add to that. At Constantia Flexibles for example we offer certain matt effect printing, pearlescent effects, metallic effects and also micro-encapsulated scents or aromas. Here the aromas are released after scratching the label…these aromas can be standard ones or ones that were specifically developed to match the packed product.

Last but not least we can also use thermo chromic inks that change color depending on the temperature.

Constantia Flexibles: Any innovative examples how to make a product stand out in a store?

Peter Kerkhofs: I have two more examples. First we can also print micro texts, which can only be seen when using a magnifying glass and secondly Constantia Tobepal has special software which allows the customer to see a 3D simulation of how the artwork would look on the final package. This is especially important for our customers who would like a preview of what their product will look like in the store.

The software allows to turn the packaging and also to simulate different environments – for example a shop window or a room at home.

Constantia Flexibles: Any examples from your daily work?

Peter Kerkhofs: A leading global producer of shower gels and other Home & Personal Care products needed a transparent stand-up pouch. The special requirement was that they wanted two complete artworks on the rear side of the packaging.  One was supposed to be on the outside and also to be seen from the outside and the second one was supposed to be on the inside and to be seen from the front side of the packaging through the transparent filling – thus creating sort of a 3D effect.

Those requirements are a great challenge for the printer - what we did at Constantia Tobepal in Spain was to redefine the initial design, changing over from the original requirement of printing on both sides of the rear side of the packaging to printing on the reverse side of the print web only.  This way the complete print was protected by the print web on one side and the sealant on the other side. Finally the design was adjusted so that it would not exceed the number of colors available on our printer.