Brand Protection

What is Brand Protection? Product piracy is increasingly becoming a serious threat to companies in the consumer goods industry – being especially dangerous in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

How frequently have food and beverage brands been counterfeited within the three last years? Up to 39 percent constantly, 12 percent several times a year and 12 percent once per year. That is a lot!

So how does that effect packaging?
Brands need to be more and more protected to save lives. The primary packaging needs to made fake proof to preserve trust in brands and products. We offer a huge range of anti-counterfeiting solutions powered by outstanding technology.

Constantia Flexibles keeps banknotes safe - what does that imply for you brand?
Did you know that Constantia Flexibles is the only producer of food films in Europe that is certified by the IHMA – the International Hologram Manufacturing Association. The IHMA members are leading producers and converters of holograms for banknote security, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. So what does this mean? If we can keep banknotes safe from counterfeiting, we can protect your brand!


We have an in-debth and sound knowledge of the production of security software for graphic design and special cylinder manufacturing using lasers to set in place production measures to counter the dangers of food piracy for brand owners. Consequently that also protects the consumers. Being a member of IHMA we are also able to register holograms for our clients. That prevents the production of registered holograms by any other printer or converter.

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