Technical Foils

Marco Zöger
Category Manager Technical Foils

+43 1 888 56 40 2023


Technical Foils

Aluminum is an indispensable part of many technical applications and it is not interchangeable in the near future

Some technical features like

  • total water vapor barrier
  • stiffness of the material,
  • shape stability,
  • tightness,
  • UV resistance etc.

are essential to fulfill the purpose.

Our films / foils / composites (lacquered or coextruded) can be used in construction, air conditioning, trains & aircrafts, the cable industry or in the automotive sector.  Application examples:

Our area of expertise:

  • Insulation foil for buildings (support material for foam)
  • Alu foils for insulation panels

Our strengths:

  • 3rd biggest rolling capacity in Europe

  • Experience in Industrial packaging

  • Strong Foil based R&D Center

  • All needed technologies available in Cflex